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Centre-Right Party

No. Name Role
1 Forthampton Party Leader
2 Boehemians Vice-Leader
3 Hammer Member
4 Rhaomi Member - Nonactive


[edit] History

The Centre-Right Party was founded by Nucleawasta. Back in the early days of the party it was much more right wing and was called the Capitalist Party. The first members to join the party were Julio Trigman, and Gmany, a very missed member of Liberalia.

The goal of the party was unclear during the first elections, Nucleawasta had encouraged them to wait another term to run for elections but the power hungry Julio Trigman insited on running. Giving in to the overwhelming support from the patry and deception from Julio Trigman they decided to run. In the first closest election of Liberalia, Julio Trigman lost to Carops by only a few votes.

Julio Trigman not willing to accept defeat, claimed there was voter fraud and that the elections were rigged. Of course this was absolute nonsense, and Carops had won fair and square. One point that Julio Trigman stressed very well and still holds truth today is the fact that the Capitalist Party had alot of influence in Liberalia to keep the left wing in check.

Soon after, the so called crisis of a bill was being discussed called the Articles of Confederation by Julio Trigman. The bill was critized with having flaws with old laws in place, and giving lots of powers to the PM and Speaker. When the bill was passed JT had settled for less PM powers and all the Speaker powers were dropped, it was felt that the Rules of Parliamentary Order was sufficient. The signifigance of this bill was that it was entirely supported by the party for many reasons including the definition of jobs and summarzing laws and morals of Liberalia, to guide us.

The Party from there on lost its fast paced momentum losing not only inactive newer members but traitors of Liberalia who we despise now, but did many great things for the party. These included Northern Sushi, and Julio Trigman. Nucleawasta almost had a break-down in power and made a speech preparing to leave. With incredible opposition from the party he decided that he would be known for leading his party out of the troughs and back up to the tops which they fought so hardly for, against the majority left Liberalia.

Not far after Nucleawasta prepared a rough draft for the manifesto of the party. Rhaomi checked it out and proofread and made things flow better at that time. Other members contributed pieces also. The "new" manifesto created by Soccersian is nothing but a mock of the old manifesto with some added sentences and a section on defense. Though he claimed it was "bringing the party further to the right" it is considered by many to be centrist and liberal in spots.

After the manifesto was built the party was slowly regaining power again, and Nucleawasta made a speech to his party saying "It is time to rid the party of its name that has been branded to it and to make a fresh start". Which led to the party voting to change the name to Centre-Right Party. Nucleawasta also had made a site for the party like many others had done, including the Socialist Party who has bragging rights on their site!

Before Nucleawasta decided to leave to the Liberal Party he stayed in power for one last elections and in a suprise move he urged his party to support the Socialist Party! Many members of Liberalia saw this as sign of weakness and attacked saying "Nuclea is simply trying to keep his foothold in government positions". Nucleawasta striked back "Criticize me for supporting Random Textbox Inputs?! He is the best candidate by far, and what would you do for the party if you were in my position?" Nucleawasta left a long lasting mark in the party before he left.

[edit] Manifesto

As of 23 August 2006

[edit] General Goal

Welcome to the Centre-Right Party. Our goals are as stands:

  • We seek to create a free world where people are free to succeed, provided effort is given, via their own merits and abilities. We believe competition is the key to success in this world.
  • When people work hard to succeed in life by working hard, it encourages other people to work hard too, and this can only benefit the great region of Liberalia.
  • However, if people’s skills and abilities are not sufficient, private citizens will maintain a social support system with help from the government. This system will be designed to ensure people can still lead a healthy life, and will aim to find a place where the citizens skills are useful, to ensure they can support themselves.
  • We are keenly focused on providing a stable and reliable form of government that everyone will benefit from, and will be backed up by a well-funded and maintained police force.

[edit] Economy

So long as any activity remains within the laws of society, we believe in an almost completely free economy. People, and subsequently their enterprises, should be allowed to succeed by their on strengths and merits.

The Government should interfere with the economy and the markets as little as possible, and should only interrupt when a dangerous situation is about to arise.

However, this is not to say that the government will not do anything regarding the economy. We as the government are the guardians of the economy, and as a consequence we will institute public awareness programmes to inform consumers the importance of careful management of money, including the maintenance of a good savings account. To back this up, we will set up a program to protect the money of private citizens. This program will back the savings accounts of individuals for up to 100,000L. For citizens with investment accounts, we will back even more.

The Party is currently developing even more methods to improve the usefulness and security of the region’s banks. We believe that when everyone has faith in Liberalia’s banks, we will be able to loan out money to other countries in order to make profit. That profit can then be circulated into loans that will be given out to the public, and also pumped back into the public sector.

No company shall have tax taken off of its profits unless it is doing international trading, in which case there will be a 5% Export Tax and 7.5% Importing tax.

[edit] Education

Education is our top priority Every single child has the right to education, regardless of race, religion, or gender. However, we believe that the more able students of Liberalia should be allowed to progress at their own pace, and should receive full support and guidance. We do not believe the more able should progress at the rate of the less able, as this will hurt the education system as a whole and as a result, will hurt Liberalia. This does not mean to say we will not support the less able students. We reject egalitarianism, and base our plans for the education system on the scientific fact that different individuals are born with different abilities and potentials. We believe that all schools should have the latest and greatest technology that a responsible budget can afford, and we will ensure that our teachers receive adequate support and training to enable them to perform their job at the highest level. Key emphasis will be placed on the following subjects:

  • Sciences, i.e. physics, biology, and chemistry.
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Information Communication Technology

We believe that religion should be kept out of schools completely, we will however encourage our children to understand the diversity of religion, and to respect peoples belief. We will end the practice of politically correct indoctrination in all its guises and restore discipline in the classroom, give authority back to teachers and put far greater emphasis on training young people in the industrial and technological skills necessary in the modern world. Competitive sport must be reintroduced and encouraged at all levels of the education system.

[edit] Healthcare

There will be an immediate end to the counter-productive ‘culture' of targets in healthcare. All these achieve is to push staff and administrators to cut corners, find ways to fiddle the statistics and to deal with insignificant but easily dealt with health problems while leaving the smaller numbers of the chronically sick to wait for even longer. All health care should revert to being assessed on the grounds of patient need, not bureaucratic targets. More emphasis is placed on healthy living with greater understanding of sickness prevention through physical exercise, a healthier environment and improved diets. All multi-choice school canteens should be closed down as soon as enough catering staff have been trained to return to traditional school meals eaten in properly supervised dining halls. Hospitals should wherever possible buy locally produced food, which will be fresher and healthier as well as supporting local businesses and strengthening the links between hospitals and their communities. We support wholeheartedly the nursing unions' campaign for Zero Tolerance for violence directed against medical staff. Such incidents should carry an automatic prison sentence, and the withdrawal of all medical care from the culprits for a period that should vary according to the severity of their attack on medical staff. We will also provide a large proportion of funding to medical research in order to combat various diseases that threaten many lives, namely cancer. We wish for Liberalia to become the forerunner for medical research.

[edit] Taxation

We believe in low taxes for all, but we do realize that people need quality in their public services, so therefore we have implemented an efficient, low-impact income tax system: 10% for those who are under 25,000L per year, 20% for under 65,000L per year, 25% for those under 115,000L per year, and 30% for those who make more then 115,000L per year. We will keep the various product related tax such Value Added Tax (17.5%) and also added to tax on regional undesirable goods such as cigarettes and alcohol.

How the taxation will be spent:· Creating a safety net for those who may not be able to support themselves as much as they are able to

  • Funding a police force to keep order, and a court system which is unbiased and works efficiently
  • Nationalizing important utilities such as water, power, etc.
  • Improving education across the region; this will be a major spending area, since we believe that a quality education is the is the key to future success.
  • Streamlining military, intelligence, and police operations, which are necessary to keep Liberalia safe, stable, and secure.
  • Supporting the economy.

[edit] Technology & the Future

We believe in allowing free and unfettered research into all scientific and technological fields. We believe that products generated by such research should be introduced at a high price in order to generate revenue for more research, and then slowly fall into a more affordable price range as per economic models and markets.

We believe that the region should do its best to spread cheap technology around the world, in order to assist various humanitarian efforts in developing countries. Such assistance would help improve humanity and the global economy, and even lift equality on a worldwide scale, not just within our own borders.

There are many threats in the world like overpopulation, malnutrition, cancer, and much more. Technology will help ameliorate some of these issues, or at best help us prepare for them, but we must be careful when trying to weigh the positives and negatives of technology. Therefore, there will be some government restrictions on the wide scale use of new technology when deemed fit and depending entirely on the situation.

[edit] Foreign Affairs

We believe it is in the best interests of this region to keep and maintain relations with other regions at very high levels. Our reputation is everything, and we as a whole need to protect that. We will cooperate and coordinate with our allies to make the world a safer place for all. We obviously oppose dictatorships and communism, and will support democracy and freedom. Maintaining an efficient intelligence network will aid us in this regard.

We believe that we should aid democratic regions that are under threat of invasion, but only once we have the proper understanding of the situation. While protecting democracy is important, we must insure that our peacekeeping operations will not hurt Liberalia later on.

[edit] Justice & Crime

We intend to rebuild the social contract where the criminal was afraid of the police and decent citizens were protected by the law. The liberal consensus that sees the criminal as the victim and the victim as the criminal will be abolished, and Politically Correct senior police officers, which clearly prefer helping the Ministry Of Finance squeeze extra stealth taxes out of Liberalia to catching burglars, will be replaced.

  • We will ensure that the main priority of the police be returned to that of the prevention and punishment of crime, and we will abolish all politically correct distractions from this mission.
  • We support the re-introduction of corporal punishment for petty criminals and vandals, and the restoration of capital punishment for paedophiles, terrorists and murderers as an option for judges in cases where their guilt is proven beyond dispute, as by DNA evidence or being caught red-handed
  • Criminals will be forced to repair any damage they have done in the community.
  • Bureaucracy within the police force will be cut down to a minimum. This is to ensure the police have more time to spend tackling crime, than tackling a mountain of paperwork.
  • We believe that gun ownership is legal but that citizens must take a written test, must be over 18, must have a background check, and must get reviewed once every year to ensure their mental stability.
  • We are very keen on ensuring that the police regain the respect and the control that they once had. They will be free to pursue criminals to the full extent of the law, and will not be slowed down by bureaucracy, political correctness, and rights of criminals.

[edit] Defence

The Centre-Right's Defence policy is that a strong and well-kept military should be in place. A force that is powerful enought to fend off invaders or to invade when called upon by the Commander-in-Chief. The Centre-Right Party believes in affirmative action, but as little as possible and only when the situation seems fit for military action. Defence forces are kept up and are be considered one of the important porogatives in the Centre-Right's dossier.

The Defence policy includes the following types of affirmative action:-Interfering with terrorist organizations

  • Destroying drug dealings throughout the world, with international support
  • Helping allies when the situations seems fit
  • Destroying international terror threats with international support

[edit] Conclusion

The Centre-Right Party is the correct choice for Liberalia. For too long Liberalia has suffered under the counter-productive rulings of socialist and left wing governments. The Centre-Right Party focuses on the rights of the individuals, and allowing people to succeed at their own pace from their own merits. No longer will people be forced to progress at the rate of society as a whole. Because when people are free to advance onwards, the quality of life in Liberalia will succeed. The Centre-Right party, however, is not prepared to see the less able members of society disappear into the pit of poverty, we will re-organise and re-structure the social benefit systems to ensure that government help does get to where it is needed and is as effective as possible. Our main priority is Education and the Economy, once these two are perfected, priorities such as healthcare, defence, and technology will follow and improve too. A vote for the Centre-Right Party is the Right choice for Liberalia

Our Time Has Come.


Soccersian - Party Leader Forthampton - Vice Leader

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